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I remember as a high school student often being frustrated that our textbooks didn’t seem to provide all the information we needed. In my 10 years of tutoring high school and university mathematics, I’ve continued to see this frustration in students: often if you can’t solve a problem by yourself, you’re left without any good explanation of how to solve it. This textbook aims to remove that frustration. With over 250 pages and more than 120 exercises, it covers all of high school trigonometry (and a bit more) in a simple, logical way whilst still providing challenging problems for students along with a full explanation of how to solve them.

This means that students can progress at their own pace: if you have forgotten some of the details from previous years, you can quickly go back and refresh; if you are finding the current material easy, there are plenty of challenging problems and the option to read further ahead. Problems from earlier chapters are often linked to harder problems providing instant motivation for why the early concepts are important. Many problems also have multiple solutions allowing students to see that these problems can be approached with many strategies (often giving them insights they wouldn’t otherwise see).

The Author

Sam Weatherhog
Creator of the Learning Studio

My passion for mathematics began when I was in high school. I was lucky to have a number of good teachers who encouraged this passion allowing me to commence university studies while I was still in high school. I graduated as Dux of the school and had successfully completed two university math subjects.

As an undergraduate, I undertook a double degree in electrical engineering and pure mathematics at the University of Queensland. These two degrees complemented each other perfectly giving me a mastery of both theoretical and practical applications of mathematics. I was awarded a scholarship for academic performance during my undergraduate studies. I graduated with honours in engineering and my final year thesis was published by IEEE. Subsequently, I completed a further year of study (and completed another thesis) to obtain first class honours in mathematics.

After graduating from the University of Queensland, I commenced work as an electrical engineer for Bechtel. During this time I was involved in the construction of one of the largest LNG projects in Australia. This included over a year working on-site solving technical issues during construction and installation.

Following completion of this project, I chose to pursue my passion for mathematics further through a Masters of Philosophy at the University of Queensland. During this time, I completed original mathematical research under the guidance of my supervisors Masoud Kamgarpour and Ole Warnaar.

Throughout my time studying and researching mathematics at the University of Queensland, I was also tutoring mathematics at both a high school and university level. I have tutored all levels of undergraduate math courses for the University of Queensland and this has given me a greater appreciation of the struggles that students face (most of which, I myself faced at one stage). I hope to use the Learning Studio and resources such as our textbook to make it easier for students to learn and appreciate the ideas in mathematics. This textbook is something I would have liked to have access to when I was first learning mathematics.

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